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Welcome To The All New Ears Radio Community Portal!

We have BIG plans in store for you. If you have not registered, please do so now. There is never a fee or charge to become an Ears Radio listening fan or website member. We welcome anyone who enjoys good old fashioned country music!

We Are Ears Radio

The Ears Radio Team and Working Group members are volunteer developers, designers, administrators, managers, and paid contractors who have worked together to take Ears Radio to new heights in its two and half years of life. Ears Radio has some wonderfully talented people taking Internet Radio concepts to the forefront of industry standards.Our most greatful thanks go out to Bob and Jim, our webmasters and to our technician Bill who installs all programs for our djs and repairs as needed. Our new website is a major leap forward and represents the most exciting release in the history of our station. Ears Radio has a need for a few DJ's. If u have the time and can commit to a few hours a week, we will train you with some of our fine djs. We can have you ready to air the music you love in less than a week.

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Easy Guide to navigating in EARS Site.

1. On entering Ears, look for the Flaming Guitar.

2. There are 7 tabs over the guitar, click each one and get familiar with them.

3. Next.Click on the Live Chat tab. That will open a window so you can see the chat room. Where it says "Put your name here:" you will see the word "Guest" Delete this word by putting your Mouse Curser to the right of the t and then backspace through it. Where the blank space now is, put your first name in and in the next box below type in "Hi" and then click enter. You are now in the chat room and you will be greeted by all the ears listeners.

4. Now to listen to the music and DJ. To the right of the chat you will see a box saying Listen Now or Listen live! Click on it and it will take you to loudcity page. There you will have two options. Hi Band or Dial up. click high band if you do not have dial up, otherwise dial up.This action will take you to a new page.

5. This page all u have to do is click Tune in and if u get music after a short pause, you are fine. If not select a player above of the 4 options and save the application and then click Tune In.Click if no music on the player where the arrow is in blue and white.The volume slider is to the right of this. Slide to the right. Now diminish the loudface page by clicking the minus right upper corner. This action takes you back to the Chat Page and our flaming guitar.

You are now enjoying the great music of EARS radio and the Fine DJS. Introduce yourself to all in the chat room. Great friends in here for you to meet.You may make your request live to the dj.

Unsure what song is playing or the name of the artist? It is showing to the right of the neck of the guitar.

Emoticons like a dancing chicken? Simply go to the bottom right corner of the chat area, look for Shout! and a PLUS sign. Click on the plus and all are there for you to select. Click on one and click enter. Then go back to shoutcast to return to chat.

After you register in ears site, you need not log in again.

Enjoy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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