DJ Biography’s For EarsRadio


D J Ray ( The Flying Scotsman )

As You can guess I'm from Scotland in the UK. I was born in 1948
and was brought up on country music and the 60s music was in the
services for a few years. I got the DJ bug whilst I was there and
been there ever since, did a few years on local community radio,
then went on to internet radio.I used to sing in a band and i still
sing occasionally. I have a CD out, entitled Sentimental Journey.
If anyone would want to purchase a copy come into the chat room and
I will let you know how u can get it. Being a part of the Ears
family of disk jockeys is something i am proud of although, in the
beginning, I just wanted to do it for fun. I like getting back to play
the kind of music I like and I do hope you like my style and the music
I select for you each show. You can catch my show on Thursday and Sunday
each week on Ears radio.