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DJ  John JW Wilcox

Hi Folks,
I'm a Country Music DJ in Australia and play Traditional Style Country Music, I play a lot of Australian Artists but not exclusively Australian,  I also play Artist from around the world. However most of the music I play is by Independent Artists, for I think that we have a great many exceptional Independent Artists out there, that we never hear because they never seem to get the airplay, anyway listen in to my radio show and you be the judge.

I had best tell you a little about myself, I came from the country, my family had a property up near Tamworth New South Wales, Australia and I grew up in that area, did all the usual things that makes one love the land. I have always enjoyed Traditional Style Country Music right from the time that you could only hear it in the early mornings and most was music from the USA, then later I started hearing the Australian style.

For me there has always seemed to be a lack of Independents on the radio, so when I was asked to become a Radio Presenter about 40 years ago, for the local Community Radio Station, I jumped at the chance and played the music I loved, Traditional Style and by independent artists, my listeners loved it and still do.

I only play music sent to me by the Artists, their producers and or agents and if I am sent music by another DJ, I make contact with the artist before I air their music. I do not copy music to give away nor do I copy music from other sources, as for me that is stealing.


I will supply the contact details of any artist that I play if requested in order that those requesting the details may make direct contact.

There have been many times that the various stations that I have D.J.'d for have wanted me to change my format and play more labeled artists or non traditional music, but no way, I was even called an outlaw by one station manager, so I adopted the name "The Outlaw"  and am still known as John JW Wilcox The Outlaw.


My shows always start with Owen Blundell singing  “Country Music’s All I Play” and end with Slim Dusty singing “The Travellers Prayer” known in some places as “The Irish Farewell”


I always finish my shows with the following  “Well folks, That just about takes me out,  I have enjoyed bringing Johns Country to you and look forward to doing it all again, till then, where ever you are, what ever your doing, you take care out there, be kind to one another, be nice to one another, but if you can’t be kind or nice, please folks, don’t be anything, bye for now”

Keeping it Country

John JW Wilcox

The Outlaw