DJ Biography’s For EarsRadio

Dale Bunch

The Dallas-Fort Worth region has been good to my professional and personal life.
Miss Terecia is my love, and she is woman behind the man.  (She also keeps me in line....somewhat!)  LOL.
I have spent many years working in radio. Those early days gave me some great experiences and good friends.

I grew up in Las Cruces, NM. I got my start in radio back in 1984.  I started out at KGRT FM 104, AM 570 working the grave yard shift.  Then somehow working my way to the 7 to midnight shift.  I did that for more that 4 years.  I was fortune to interview some of the big names of country music during that time, and even got to introduce some of the big name acts while in concert in the Las Cruces, NM and El Paso, TX area.
After KGRT, I was also lucky enough to land a gig at KHEY 690 AM and Y-96 in El Paso.  Ok, so here is the funny stuff.  I was a TV Weatherman too. Well, an intern anyway.  (Don't laugh!) 
These days, I am a computer geek by trade, and a huge NASCAR Fan.  You can usually find me at a race track or in front of a TV during a race.
ANYWAY, along the way I met our good buddy Frank Anderson, and well, here I am.....Back doing what I love.  EARSRADIO.COM is now my new station, and I love rolling 70s and 80s tunes.  But my true, blue music calling is C&W!!  Either way you slice it, I get to play some of the best music ever - on the best internet station ever!  Thanks for being a fan of EARSRADIO.COM!!!   Check us on on the chat, we won't bite!!!   :-)