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DJ Musicman Technician

  Hello, I am Bill Bissell. I come from a family of country music musicians. Played around with electronics, and played guitar and keyboard for the past 30 or so years. I took radio and television in high school.Started with computers in the mid 80's and took some college courses.I started Djing in my 20's after building my first mixing board. Growing up in the 70's as a teen I fell back into the 70's music that I love.
I Worked at WION AM station for many years, started as a weekend DJ and worked my way up to chief engineer. Played country and 50's-60's and also Big Band music. WION radio is were I started bumping knuckles with Frank.Teamed up with him setting up sound systems and working on jukeboxes at the Michigan Classic Country Museum here in Belding Michigan. I couldn't have asked for a better friend.
I am now retired, on disability and now build and work on computers and DJ on the net and collect vintage sound equipment.