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Barbra Faircloth

I have many interests in life including listening to and playing music. I have been learning to play the guitar and I have a # of musical instruments that I do not know how to play yet: the mandolin, banjo, ukelele, flute, sax, keyboard, organ, and accordion. My great uncle played the accordion and wrote song s in Newfoundland where my mom is from.  A cousin in English Harbour West, NL has a recording studio and  writes and performs songs.  Formerly with a partner, they were called Simani, for Bud Davage and Sim Savory. They wrote a lot of folk songs about the history of Newfoundland in particular the people and area where they are from. Sim has passed away but you can still find their CD’s for sale.  Bud wrote a song about an experience of my mom's family called 'The Loss of the Marion".  It was quite a good story. I have been trying to get someone interested in making a movie about it and another story that happened during WWII. I may never get them to listen to the story though. I attend a few Blue Grass festivals each year. I volunteer at the Florida Folk Festival as an Emcee. I volunteered at WFSU radio as an announcer for their Radio Reading Service until the Legislature moved that program to another state entity.  My first live broadcast was in Tampa, while as a young child I went with one of my mom's friends to visit her family. The family next door had a son who was a radio nut. He had built a radio station broadcaster in his closet that he could actually broadcast to nearby radios. He wanted someone to broadcast so he could listen to it so I was nominated. He went next door and listened as I did/said whatever he told me to do on his radio. Quite fun. He later became a well-known DJ in the Tampa/St. Pete area, Daylon Wayne Rushing. I wrote a song (my first one) when I was in the sixth grade. I belonged to 4-H and we had a local contest to write a 4-H song. I did not want to enter any of the other typical 4-H contests that they had. I wrote this corny song to the tune of the Brylcream commercial. It won, and we had to go to District and sing it for them.  I do more than I should as a volunteer. I completed the Master Gardener program at the Leon County Extension office. I like gardening, both vegetable and flower. I have learned a lot from the program including how to compost, use recyclable materials for weed prevention in my flower beds like newspaper and cardboard. I am Financial Committee Chairperson for my church, I sing in the choir when we have enough members, and I am responsible for a once a month event called, Second Sunday sing. I get musical groups to come in on the 2nd Sunday night for an hour.  I have an insurance business and a real estate business.  I have been a licensed foster home for children but not at the present time.   I like to fish - don't hunt now although I did when my brother and I were younger. He taught me how to skin a squirrel. I am a member of the Leon Co Sheriff's Office Citizens Academy Alumni and we do a fundraiser one time a year.  I also volunteer occasionally with a music group at a local nursing home.  Another member of my church and I started a music festival to raise money to build the chapel of a youth home that the Florida United Methodist Churches are building nearby.  I am also a certified weather spotter.  By now  you may be getting tired of all of this, oh yea, I am also a beekeeper!!  Thanks for listening to EARS radio.