DJ Biography’s For EarsRadio

Anne and Peter Greb

Are from Germany.  Anne was born in 1959 and Peter in 1955. They’ve met for the first time at a Country Music Festival in Frankfurt/Main in 1982. The love of Country Music brought them together and they are now married for 28 years with 2 grown-up daughters.  In 1983 they had their first radio show together on the big German radio station HR 3 – a tribute to the Sons of the Pioneers.  Both of them like not only Country Music but also irish Folk,  Big Band Swing and Pop-Oldies from the 30s, 40s and 50s and Peter sometimes includes also some Jazz in his shows. They are doing radio shows more or less regularly since then. In 1997 they established a local community FM station in their hometown Lauterbach, but that was rejected by the politics later.  Then they started their own internet-podcast station with reports and news about the region.  Again their love for Country Music brought them to EARS radio in April 2011 as this music isn’t so big in Germany.  The idea of an international radio station with DJs from all over the world  was convincing and now they are doing regular shows with Country Music and beyond in English and sometimes in German language too.